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It has been a long journey to get to where I am, and I hope I have a long journey yet ahead of me!

I have always been involved with crafts and/or sewing since I was a young girl. About 20 years or so ago I began stringing beads. It became a hobby that I’d do for awhile and put down for longer, and then pick it back up. In the late 90's I picked it up and haven’t put it down yet. I’ve gone from simply stringing beads into necklaces, to needle-weaving and a little loom-weaving, and a bit of wire-work, and I’m thinking on a couple more areas I might try. I learned beading from doing it, from talking to people who REALLY knew what they were doing, from books and magazines, and a few classes and workshops. One of my teachers was Katherine, of Katherine’s Beads in Grand Terrace and Hemet, Calif., who introduced me to wire-wrapping and opened all kinds of new possibilities in jewelry-making.

I now live a very quiet life in Maine. We live out in the woods, about 2 miles from the village of Garland and about 27 miles northwest of Bangor, Maine. “We” is my husband, 4 cats and a dog – peaceful surroundings, but not always “peace and quiet” inside (with a hyper-vigilant "young-at-heart" dog who tries to boss the cats, and cats being cats). Maine is my adopted home, and I love it. It has nurtured my creativity, or I have relaxed and found peace, which allowed my creativity to burst forth.

As an artist, I am interested in many different techniques, and use quite a few in my own work. I quickly get bored doing too many of the same type of thing! I love color, textures, rocks polished or not – I just like jewelry, wearing it or making it. I like it when people admire the work I do, and I enjoy sharing with them a bit of my “vision.” We should all be surrounded by beauty and art, and I am pleased to do my part to further that goal.

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