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Here in the on-line shop of Winddancer Designs, you will find a selection of our jewelry. Please use it as a catalog to order "ready-made" jewelry, as well as to spark ideas for your own special pieces to commission. Many pieces can also be adapted to your unique specifications: adjustment in length, different type of clasp, ear-wire of different metal, and so on. (Please see note below.)

We are also very happy to accommodate those who have metal allergies or sensitivities, and carry niobium ear-wires, an ultra-hypoallergenic metal. We also have some bracelet and necklace designs without any metal, and would be happy to work with you to adapt other designs.

NOTE: Most adaptations and modifications can be made at no extra charge. A nominal charge may be required to adjust for a higher-priced component or additional beads or materials. A higher charge may be necessary if substantial re-working of the piece is required.

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